Technical assistance

Générale des Mines has a high-level expert file in the fields of geology, mining, processing and manufacturing (cement, plaster, red products), geotechnics.
In addition, Générale des Mines has permanent senior staff who remain close to the concerns of customers to take care of the constraints encountered.

Objective solutions require an understanding of the underlying elements, as well as experience and judgment to prioritize relevant issues. Focus too much on the details and you could end up solving the wrong problem.

Put too much emphasis on the big picture and you could end up with bad surprises. The experience of Générale des mines and a practical approach that gives you achievable goals, ideas and solutions with a good understanding of risks associated.

If you are considering a new mine or investment, you now have the opportunity to employ a team of specialists from a single research firm, economic assessments and risk assessments. We have project leaders who specialize in coordinating and integrating the input of discipline specialists to ensure that you have in-depth knowledge of technical issues in an appropriate business context.


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Générale Des mines

Company of Studies, Follow-up of realization and Expertise in the fields of Mines & Quarries, Building Materials and Environment.

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