Professional references

Professional references

Significant potential in qualified executives with proven expertise in higher education, research and the mineral industry in particular. Some public and private institutions and companies working with the GENERAL DES MINES


National Petrochemical Company

Application file for small and medium-sized mines of Chott Merouane - Lot n ° 3 (Hamraïa) - 2000

CO -Carrières de l’Ouest

Annual sand mining projects (2002-2011)


Environmental impact study of the quarrying works of Sour El Ghozlane and Meftah cement plants. (2002)


Center Red Goods Company

Various studies on clay deposits (Khemis Miliana) - 2000


National Non-Ferrous Products and Useful Substances Company

  •  Feasibility study of the exploitation of the upper part of the Chaabet El Hamra zinc deposit as well as the lower part (2001-2008)
  •  Feasibility study on the exploitation of the Aïn Mimoun (Oum El Bouaghi) barytic deposit (2006)
  •  Ain Mimoun mine development plan (2011)


Comparative analysis of the transport scenarios of the granulate of the limestone quarry of Hamra (Mansourah-Beni Mansour) -2011.


  • Impact study of the cement factory project in Relizane - 2007
  • Application file for the exploration of the Sidi Bouzid clay deposits, Sidi El Hamdani (Relizane) - 2007


Exploitation of the Keddara limestone deposit

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