• Our goal is to give you the utmost confidence in the value of your mineral model, by providing appropriate analysis and interpretations to support your
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  • Environmental audits are tools for evaluating the effectiveness of existing environmental management systems, indicating that the organization is operating in an environmentally sound manner (in
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  • Générale des Mines has a multidisciplinary professional team with extensive experience in the field of the extractive industry and makes it available to investors.
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  • Générale des Mines has carried out more than four hundred studies of which about fifteen major: Precious Metals: Tirek Amesmessa Gold, Tiririne Gold and Boudouaou
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  • As part of the mastery of the chemical and physico-mechanical qualities of the mineral substance, GENERALE DES MINES designs the sampling program according to the
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  • In accordance with Article 22 of Executive Decree No. 02-65 of 6 February 2002the operator is required to carry out a study describing the dangers
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  • It is not economical to produce if there is not a market. For this reason, market research is needed to examine supply and demand for
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  • a report on the general program and planning of the planned works, as well as the financial amount that the applicant undertakes to invest; the
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  • According to Article 8 of Law 01-10 of 3 July 2001"Mining titles related to mining activities create limited-term real estate rights, distinct from land ownership
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  • The capacity of the treatment facility The process Subassembly sizing Sizing of finished product stocks Nature and volume of releases and storage areas Utilities (water,
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  • GENERAL DE LA MINES carries out topographic surveys, supervises the work of soundings, ensures the documentation of cores and proceeds to the taking of samples for
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  • Générale des Mines is equipped to carry out topographic surveys of the perimeters at the appropriate scales (1 / 10,000th, 1 / 5000th, 1 / 2000th, 1 / 1000th)
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