Application files for the authorization of quarry and sand pit exploitation

Application files for the authorization of quarry and sand pit exploitation

The authorization application file is drawn up by Générale des Mines in accordance with Executive Decree No. 08-188 of 27 July 2008 laying down the procedures for granting, suspending and withdrawing the authorization to operate quarries and sand pits.

The authorization to exploit quarries and sandpits is granted to a natural or legal person, by auction, by the wali territorially competent in the framework of the realization of infrastructure projects, equipments and d. arrested in wilaya development programs.

This authorization entitles the holder to extract or remove the quantity of materials provided for covering the mineral substance requirements of the programs that have been approved.

  • The Dossier, prepared by Générale des Mines, includes in this context:
  • the program of work envisaged;
  • the 1 / 25,000 or 1 / 50,000 scale map on which the perimeter boundaries and the coordinates of the vertices and / or geodetic or geographical points used to connect them will be specified;
  • the exploitation plan of the deposit at an appropriate scale (1 / 1,000th or 1 / 5,000th);
  • an environmental impact notice or impact study in accordance with the legislation and regulations in force;
  • a study setting out the hazards that the installation of the proposed activity may present;
  • the commitment to supply, in quantity and on schedule, as a priority the development programs to be carried out in the wilaya (s).

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