Studies and Mining exploitation projects

Studies and Mining exploitation projects

Underground and open pit mining projects

Générale des Mines has carried out more than four hundred studies of which about fifteen major:

  • Precious Metals: Tirek Amesmessa Gold, Tiririne Gold and Boudouaou
  • Polymetals (Pb / Zn from the Chaabet El Hamra deposit (Aïn Azel), El Abed (Tlemcen) -Cuivre (Bousoufa -Jijel deposit)
  • Ferrous metals (Manganese Guetara deposit - Bechar)
  • Baryte Mine of Ain Mimoun
  • Limestone of different sites
  • Gypse  (Bou Saada-M’Sila- Tissemsilt)
  • Gypsum (Bou Saada-M'Sila- Tissemsilt)
  • Marbles (Skikda- Aîn Témouchent)
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Salt Chott (Hamraïa)
  • Etc…

All these studies were accompanied by exploitation plans (at 1 / 1000th).

Other mining studies - Exploitation of salt chotts

Some substances are used in dissolution; this is the case of the salt contained in the chotts of the South East.
Générale des Mines has worked for many years on these projects through the various application files that it had to develop.

Expertise and diagnosis

Expertise and diagnosis of industrial units (Techniques, Production, Industrial Maintenance).
At the request of institutions and investors, Générale des Mines also conducts diagnostic operations and industrial expertise.
This is how Générale des Mines carried out diagnoses:

  •      open pit mining (cutting of the quarry, state of the stands and accesses, water evacuation plan, equipment circulation plan, verification of sources of dust, disposal of solid and liquid waste, storage of fuel products etc.) .)
  •      Underground operations (Condition of the galleries, Operating methods, State of the rooms of exploitations and access chimneys,, ventilation, exhaure etc ...)
  •      treatment facilities and tailings dykes

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